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Creative Waistcoat

When researching waistcoats and the story behind them I ended up traveling through a great rabbit warren of information that kept me occupied for far too long!

Descriptions range from knee length coats confined at the waist by a sash and worn under a tunic, ornamental garments worn under a doublet, sleeveless waist-length body jackets worn between a shirt and jacket and so it goes on.

Creative Waistcoat  P1320593

In recent years there has been a resurgence of waistcoats with many versions being seen on the runways of designers.

The waistcoats I make are influenced by historical designs mixed with the eclectic mix of fabrics that come from re using cloth, creating unique pieces.

I have taken ideas from sewing patterns of all eras and looked many pictures and photographs saving the bits I like.

Waistcoats are fun, they can be worn in the most casual or the dressiest situations. They are practical, allowing a layer of warmth without being bulky and restrictive. Waistcoats have personalities…..find one to match yours!

Creative Waistcoat  P1310137

Creative Waistcoat  P1320933

Creative Waistcoat  P1320889


Creative skirt P1280172

Each skirt that is created by Purple Threads is one of a kind. This individuality comes from the fact that the fabrics and notions are, where at all possible repurposed and so zips, buttons, etc may not be matching exactly. Linings may have unexpected colours and sometimes there are seams in the garment where you may not expect them. This adds to the uniqueness of the garment and is the ethos of Purple Threads.

Creative skirt P1280237

Bow Ties

“Vintage ties” “Kipper ties” “Narrow ties” “Novelty ties” ……whatever the description, there are thousands of ties lying in drawers or hanging in wardrobes that never see the light of day. Many of these unused ties are, to my eyes, gorgeous pieces of silk just waiting to be given a new purpose.






Silk scarves can often be found lurking around having served their original purpose but again, the colours and patterns just scream to be re purposed.

So, I acquire them, carefully take them apart, gently wash them all in pure soap with a few drops of eucalyptus oil, hang them outside to dry and then use the beautiful fabrics to make bow ties. Small scraps are used to make the clip style bows and any leftover scraps from that are used as decorative trims.

Bow Tie Royal Purple 04

bow tie Gold Chain 03b

Bow Tie Royal Purple 04
bow tie Gold Chain 03b


Bow ties are not new to fashion, but they are a bit of a fashion trend. Dress up or dress down, it is about being unique and comfortable in your own style.

Bow ties are for everyone to wear, they can add a pop of colour to any outfit and create an eye-catching detail. Bow ties can be serious or fun, it is about choosing something that matches the occasion and mood or simply breaking all the rules.

These beautiful fabrics deserve to be worn and appreciated.

Bow Tie Royal Purple 04

bow tie Gold Chain 03b

Do you have a tie that is dormant?

Do you have a tie you cannot bear to part with but is no longer fitting with your wardrobe style?

Would you like to give it a new lease of life?

Get in touch with Purple Threads to discuss a custom-made bow tie. You may be surprised at the transformation and how much you will love your new bow tie or clip bow.